blackjackBlackjack is a casino card game played against the house. The hand of the player is compared against the hand of the dealer, resulting in a win for the player, a loss for the player or a tie. There can be several players seated at the same blackjack table, but they do not play against each other – only against the dealer.

Unlike many other casino games, blackjack is not a game based solely on luck. It is up to you to decide if you are satisfied with your hand or if you want to receive more cards in hope of improving it. Therefore, skill is an important factor in blackjack, especially long-term.

Card value in blackjack

King 10 points
Queen 10 points
Jack 10 points
Ten 10 points
9 9 points
8 8 points
7 7 points
6 6 points
5 5 points
4 4 points
3 3 points
2 2 points
Ace 1 or 11 points, depending on what’s best for the hand

Winning at blackjack

When playing blackjack online, your goal is to get closer to 21 points than what the dealer gets. So, you don’t have to be close to 21 to win – you just have to be closer than the dealer.

A hand goes over 21 is automatically disqualified and removed from the table. This means that your hand will removed right away together with your wager. If the dealer goes over 21 as well in that round, that will not result in a tie because your hand is already out of the game. (The players always act before the dealer in a round of blackjack.) Going over 21 is commonly referred to as “busting” or ”going bust”. When the dealer busts out, all remaining hands on the table get paid. This is way it is sometimes a good idea to stay at a really low hand, such as 12 or 13, rather than taking a card.

The best possible hand in blackjack is a hand comprised of an ace + a 10 point card. Such a hand is called a blackjack, just like the game.

These are the possible blackjack hands:

King + Ace
Queen + Ace
Jack + Ace
Ten + Ace

Getting paid

At a standard blackjack table, winnings are paid like this:

  • An ordinary win pays 1:1. If you bet $100 you will keep your wager + get $100 from the casino.
  • If you win with a blackjack hand, you get paid 3:2. If you bet $100 you will keep your wager + get $150 from the casino.
  • In most casinos, a tie means that you get to keep your wager. It should however be noted that some blackjack tables (especially in bars and nightclubs) will take your wager if you tie at 19 or lower. At such tables, only ties at 20, 21 or blackjack gives you the right to keep your wager. Of course, this practice greatly increases the house edge and most serious blackjack aficionados stay away from tables like this.