crapsCraps is a dice game derived from the English game hazard. The modern version of craps that we play today was developed in New Orleans, where it got the name crapaud which means toad in French. Craps is a popular casino game nowadays, but in New Orleans crapaud was chiefly a game played on a sidewalk or on the floor of someones home.

Craps for beginners

In the casino, the craps table can be a bit intimidating since there are a long row of bets to chose among. As a novice, it’s a good idea to stick to betting on pass line since this is the basic bet in craps. From this basic bet, you can gradually branch out and explore other betting options. Once you understand how the pass-line bet works, understanding all the other available bets will be much easier.

Betting on pass line

This bet can be placed before the dice are thrown for the first time in a round of craps. The first throw is known as the come out throw.

To bet on pass line, place your wager in the area of the table where the text “Pass” is printed.

Once all wagers have been placed, one of the gamblers (the shooter) will throw the dice. Count the eyes of the dice and add them together.

  • If the sum is 2, 3 or 12 you have lost your bet on pass line.
  • If the sum is 7 or 11 you immediately win 1:1 on your pass line bet.
  • If the sum is 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10, that sum will be the point.

If a point is established, the dice will be thrown again. If the point number appears again before the number seven, you win your pass line bet. If seven shows up before the point number, you lose your pass line bet. Example: You bet $200 on pass line. The sum of the dice turns out to be 9. Nine is point. The dice are throw again and the sum is six. The dice are thrown again and the sum is two. The dice are thrown again and the sum is nine. You win 1:1 on your pass line bet since the point number appeared before the number seven.

Odds bet

When a point has been established in a round of craps, players that made a pass line bet prior to the come-out throw will be given the option of making an odds bet. To put it simply, placing an odds bet is betting on that the point number will appear before seven does. So, in a way, the odds bet is just another pass line bet. The difference is that pass line bets can only be placed before the come-out throw, while the odds bet can only be placed once a point has been established. Another important difference is that while the pass line bet only paid 1:1 if you win, the odds bet will pay according to this list if you win:

Point Payout
4 2:1
5 3:2
6 6:5
8 6:5
9 3:2
10 2:1

In most casinos, your odds bet can not be larger than three times your pass line bet.