Robbers arrested after Las Vegas Casino heist

What goes around comes around and the robbers who thought that they could get away with the Las Vegas casino robbery were proven wrong. In less than ten days, two major casinos in the United States were hit by wrongdoers, one of them in Atlantic City and the other one in Las Vegas. Caesars was hit harder as they had a total of $180,000 stolen, while the Las Vegas establishment was hit for $50,000, or $30,000 if we are to trust the authorities instead of the casino representatives.casinopages

One by one, the perpetrators were found and apprehended, with one of the top suspects being 19-year-old Izyiah Plummer. This is not the first time that the youngster has a close brush with the law, but on this particular occasion he attempted something really big, together with four other men and one woman. The gang targeted the Caesars casino and threatened the guards with a gun, with the latter surrendering without a fight and handing over the backs of money.

The criminals looked like they knew exactly what they were doing, because it took them just a couple of minutes to take off with the money. The authorities didn’t lose precious time and aided by the footage found on a couple of security cameras conveniently directed at the entrance, picked up some valuable info. Soon after, they found the sedan that the criminals used in the robbery and one by one, they were picked up in a matter of hours.

While the authorities are trying to recuperate the entire amount of money and determine whether these are all those involved in the robbery, they have another criminal to investigate. Scott Carmitchel is the top suspect for the Caesars Palace casino robbery, with the 34-year-old finding himself behind bars for the second time. He was arrested for making criminal threats in the past and now he faces criminal charges for robbing a casino.

He spent most of the money he stole on prostitutes and accommodation at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel, where he checked in using the ID of a tourist. It was the latter who reported to the police, telling them about an American citizen who offered him money in exchange of booking a room on his behalf.

Carmitchel claims that he found the money in a bag and he embarked on a spending spree, without knowing that it came from a robbery. His case is pretty thin and there are good chances for the perpetrator to be convicted, only this time he will probably spend a long time in jail.


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