Sic Bo

sicboSic Bo is a dice game known to be especially popular among Asian gamblers. Unlike casino games such as blackjack and poker, sic bo is a game based solely on luck. You do however get to chose how high a risk you wish to take, since you can chose between low risk and high risk bets. In this regard, sic bo is quite similar to roulette.

Sic Bo is played with three dice and you bet on the outcome of the throw. Unlike most craps tables, most sic bo tables will not allow any of the gamblers to throw the dice. Instead, the dice are kept under a glass lid and a machine is used to shake them around while the gamblers watch.

Low risk bets

Bets on big series and small series only give the house an edge of 2.78%. To compensate for the fairly high chance of winning, the pay outs for these bets are not very large.

Betting on the small series or the big series at the sic bo table is similar to betting on red/black or odd/even at the roulette table. The odds are almost even.

Betting on the big series or small series means betting on what the total sum of the three dice will be. If you think that the sum will be 4-10, bet on the small series. If you think that the sum will be 11-17, bet on the big series. It is important to note that in case of a triple (e.g. 5-5-5) you wont win even if the sum falls into the right span.

Another comparatively low-risk sic bo bet is the single bet. If you make a single bet on number 5, you bet that at least one of the three dice will be a 5. If two or three dice each show 5, you will win even more.

A single bet is more risky than a bet on small series or big series, but still one of the sic bo bets where the house has the lowest edge.

High risk bets

A high risk bet can give you a great pay out, but your chances of actually nailing it are low. One example of a high risk sic bo wager is betting on a triple. Betting on a tripple means betting that all three dice will show the same number, eg. 2-2-2, 3-3-3 or 5-5-5.

If you want an even riskier bet, you can wager on a specific triple. Example: You bet on the triple 2-2-2. You win only if the dice show 2-2-2. If the dice show any other triple, e.g. 3-3-3 or 5-5-5, you lose your wager. You will of course also lose your wager if the dice show no triple at all, e.g. 2-2-4 or 2-3-6. If the dice show 2-2-2, you are paid 180 times your wager!